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Relics of St. Anthony of Padua on Tour

Click here – Press Release Denver to read about relics of St. Anthony of Padua that will be venerated at various parishes […]

Deacon Joe Donohoe’s talk at Deacon Day 2016

www.deaconden.org  …. by Deacon Joe Donohoe “Is the fire of the Holy Spirit still descending on us deacons and priests […]

New Formation Web Page

Dear Deacons, there is now a place where enquirers can go to get reliable and up-to-date information about the Diaconal […]

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In Persona Christi, Servi

possessions & the possessed… 4Sep2016

Jesus-Eucharist, Immortal God,                           Who dwell in my heart without cease,        When I possess You, death itself can do me no […]