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Wisdom Psalms

By Deacon Walter Sweeney   www.deaconden.org …”The wisdom psalms reveal God’s way of right living for God’s people. They lay out the […]

Archbishop Aquila’s Convocation Address

3/12/16   www.deaconden.org Audio version: https://www.dropbox.com/s/6fzaznxhrjhwymn/1-A-B%20Talk%203-14-16.mp3?dl=0 Text: https://archdioceseofdenver-my.sharepoint.com/personal/deacon_donohoe_archden_org/_layouts/15/WopiFrame.aspx?sourcedoc={0944F3AE-50D6-406F-99B5-43FF8B449DB6}&file=%2BSJA%20Deacon%20Convocation%20March%2012%202016%20revised.docx&action=default

Psalms of Thanksgiving at Eastertime

By Deacon Walter Sweeney Third in a Series of Articles (www.deaconden.org)  The Easter season is a good time to focus […]

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June 03 7:30 PM-June 05 1:00 PM

Sacred Heart Retreat House, Sedalia

Marriage Retreat


July 08 7:30 PM-July 10 1:00 PM

Franciscan Retreat Center, Colorado Springs

Deacon Retreat


August 12 7:30 PM-August 14 1:00 PM

Sacred Heart Retreat House, Sedalia

Deacon Retreat


August 24 7:30 PM-August 28 1:00 PM

Abbey of St. Walburga

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In Persona Christi, Servi

Give them some food yourselves… 29May2016

“Do not omit Holy Communion unless you know well that your fall was serious; no doubt must stop you from […]