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The History of the Catholic Church in Vietnam

Deacon Tong Ngo put together a fascinating PowerPoint presentation on the challenges and blessings of the Church in Vietnam.  Deacon […]

Love Always Wins

(www.deaconden.org) A deluge of internet posts and newspaper statements have been distributed after the recent Supreme Court Decision with the […]

Website and Book Resources on Homosexuality

http://parishbulletin.com/Organizations/3208/Documents/resources_SSA.htm#catholic https://letterstochristopher.wordpress.com/ http://chastityproject.com/qa/category/homosexuality/ http://couragerc.org Books – by same-sex attracted authors Beyond Gay – by David Morrison (from Denver, forward by […]

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In Persona Christi, Servi

Looking for Jesus… 2Aug2015

Amazing! He has just fed the multitude with five loaves and two fish and the crowd is now looking for […]