A millstone around my neck? 27Sep2015


Yes, it’s a gruesome thought to contemplate being tied by rope to one of these quarter-ton stones and then thrown into the sea. Sometimes Jesus has a disconcerting flare for words that leaves us feeling unsettled and unsure. It can be a good place to be if we use that feeling to consider the comfort of our lives and the guidance, model, teaching or example we give others by our choices. No, this is not a time for beating ourselves with overly scrupulous self-condemnations but an opportunity to take inventory of the easily overlooked small and ingrained habits that fill our lives, and to consider how changing even just one of them can draw us closer to God and make us a better Christian witness to those around us. It’s not easy because this kind of self-reflection requires us to look at ourselves from the outside in and it needs the prayerful guidance of the Holy Spirit to help us see what others see that we don’t see in ourselves. It’s an opportunity to grow spiritually and humanly closer to God, with whom we want to spend eternity. No wonder Jesus is grabbing our attention so dramatically.

Deacon Richard


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