The 2015 NADD Convention

The 2015 NADD Convention,”Deacon: Steward of Christ’s Mercy,” has an exciting and extensive speaker lineup which includes Mr. George Weigel, Dr. Michael Naughton, and presenters of 13 workshop topics – including a wives’ session – that will be offered in four sessions. Deacon Joseph Michalak and his committee are working to assure a worthwhile and memorable convention experience.

The Keynote Address will be presented by Mr. George Weigel who is the Distinguised Senior Fellow of the Ethics and Public Policy Center, a noted Catholic theologian and author, and one of America’s leading public intellectuals. His Keynote Address is titled: “The Deacon in Evangelical Catholicism: Experiencing the new moment in Catholic history through which we are living, and the Deacon’s roles in the New Evangelization.”

The General Session presenter is Dr. Michael Naughton who is the Director of the John A. Ryan Institute for Catholic Social Thought and the Alan W. Moss Endowed Chair in Catholic Social Thought at the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul. His General Session is titled: “A Catholic Vision of Work, Leisure and Their Integration.” It is offered as an examination of the deacon’s role in helping the laity to live the Gospel in the workplace.

Convention attendees will have multiple workshops from which to choose. The workshops will be offered in two sessions on Thursday and two sessions on Friday. More information about the workshops will be provided later.  Information on costs and hotel is forthcoming.

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