2017 March for Life

There is a new wave of emotions associated with the unborn and the meaning of life in this country. The new generation of children are well aware of the absence of siblings and classmates that would have been sitting and playing with them had it not been for the cavalier understanding of the growth of a child inside the womb of their mother. In addition, the multitudes of people have discovered Abortion Advocate Groups are littering the internet and main stream media with “fake news” and “skewed surveys” on the effects and consequences of abortion for both the mother and the baby.

At the same time, the state of Colorado has turned a blind eye to the elderly and disabled. This past election, the voters approved a suicide assistance proposal that will allow those “diagnosed” with a terminal illness to be euthanized like animals.  The advocates for the measure refer to themselves as compassion care groups making citizens believe that suicide is a viable form of terminating the life.

St. Paul preaches that we must speak frankly with open hearts” (2Cor 6:11). One important way to do this is to join the Archbishop in the Mass for Life at the Cathedral at 11:00 and then continue to the rally at the State Capital afterwards.  For “behold, now is the acceptable time” (2Cor 6:2).  The winds of the life issue are changing and it is important for Deacons to show their support for this important topic. By being counted among the participants in this events and bringing back human dignity to the people of Colorado.  Here is the information on the event.     life-rocky-mountains-2017-invitation

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