60 Years Married

Here’s a personal thought about my wife and I celebrating our 60th wedding
anniversary. We are in Hawaii as I write this for my blog and publish it through the
wonders of modern electronics. Many people have asked us, “what is the secret to
your 60 years of marriage?”
That is a good question and it deserves more than a one word or humorous answer.
But I have to say that the answer is not really a simple one because a long marriage
today is not just a simple accomplishment. First and foremost, Jesus must be at the
center of your marriage. Even if one partner feels estranged they must be able to
turn to Him for the strength necessary to go on. Secondly both partners must be
open to a large family and Christian family life. This must then transfer to church /
parish life and teaching of the children. Beyond that we make our way through daily
ups and downs that make life and faith on earth as bearable as possible, especially
in a society that believes a man can be a woman and vicé versa — what?
In my marriage homilies I liked to compare married life to the Rocky Mountains
due to the deep dark valleys that you must go through and the wondering heights of
joy that are also available there. The key element is, “commitment” to the covenant
and understanding the real meaning of life. It is a great strength to have a partner
on the journey.
Was it 60 years of wedded bliss? NO. Was it 60 years of suffering? NO. It was life
together with 60 years of commitment to the Lord, each other, and family. As it
blossomed to 4 children, eleven grand children, and two great grand children — so
far. And that, my friends, is why a man leaves his mother and father and clings to
his wife as they become one flesh. After 60 years that flesh is most comfortable and
inseparable, as we approach the final journey to the Lord together.

Deacon Joe Meilinger

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