A well-trained tongue… 29Mar2015

Perry Mason was one of my favorite shows when I was growing up. Even today, I could still enjoy watching detective type shows if it weren’t for the gratuitous blood and gore. What I like about those shows is how the lawyer or detective constructs his sequence of questions in order to trip-up the suspect being investigated, leading him/her to self-convict. In this light, the dialogue between Jesus and Pilot is intriguing.

After being betrayed by one of His closest friends, Jesus is falsely accused, tortured and beaten throughout the night to the point of death – doubtful any of us would have survived such torment – and then brought before Pilot. The Creator of all and the one who sustains our lives stands before a manmade king for judgment. The incongruencies are numerous and beyond natural perception. We need to spend time in prayerful meditation to see, hear, and feel them.

This was the 15th day of the month. How do we know? According to the instructions given by God to Moses (Ex. 12:1-6), Passover was celebrated on the 14th day of the month. At this meal, which Jesus celebrated with His apostles on the first Holy Thursday, they would consume the lamb they procured four days previous, on the 10th day of the month. Count back four days from that first Holy Thursday and you arrive at the first Palm Sunday – when the Jews procured their lamb – as we see Him entering Jerusalem to shouts of, “Hosanna!”

Now Jesus, barely able to stand, appears before Pilot, who gives Him more than one opportunity to opt out of the tragedy to follow, but Jesus, whose well-trained tongue had led so many to the Truth, now gives all the wrong answers. He purposely gives Himself to this ignominious death for our salvation and the Lamb of God, who began His Passover meal the night before, concludes it on the cross as He utters His final words (Jn.19:30), “It is finished.”

Deacon Richard


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