…and looking up to Heaven… 23Jun2019

Imagine Jesus standing in our midst with over 5,000 hungry people and telling us to, “give them some food yourselves.” It’s worth contemplative consideration because even with our wealth and our modern conveniences it would still be a daunting task but for God, all things are possible.

Notice the simplicity. He first has them recline in smaller more manageable groups of fifty. He then blesses the bread and fish and gives them to the disciples to distribute. He feeds the massive crowd and all our satisfied. It is still the same today. His worldwide Church is managed in smaller groups but it is still Jesus, ministering through His ordained priests looking up to Heaven, who blesses the bread and wine, changing it into His own glorified Body and Blood. It is still Jesus who feeds us with the Bread of Life. He promises us eternal life if we will believe and He nourishes our Faith and our daily lives with the small host that has become His Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity.

This is the sustenance of our Faith. For so many Christians, the host and the sip of wine (or grape juice) are merely symbols, but symbols of what? When we sit down to our morning breakfast is it merely symbolic or does it nourish our bodies and minds? The answer is obvious and the same is true of Holy Communion. Yes, we are, as St. Paul says, one body but this body, too, requires nourishment and Christ, the Head of this body, provides that nourishment. Each of us is a living stone that makes up the one Church of Christ and each of us partakes of His body when we receive Holy Communion. It is the mystery of Truth.

Deacon Richard

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