Birds, Nests and Mercy… 26Jun2016

Divine Mercy image (3) (2)Today the Lord visited me, pressed me to His heart and said, “Rest, My child. I am always with you.”      Diary, 1011

And my soul was flooded with divine joy.  Diary, 945

There is a particular spot under the eaves of our house where birds every Spring choose to build their nest. The furious activity provides us great pleasure and joy as they gather small twigs and leaves and various other yard “refuse” to build up that special place where mama bird will lay her eggs and warm them to life, but this year there was a twist to the process. This year they decided to add an extra layer of luxury by pecking away the cotton fibers of the clothes line, using them to create for the nest what mattress manufacturers call a “pillow top.” Now, the clothes line stands frayed and awaiting replacement. That’s OK. It’s good to know the birds can share in the wealth we have created for ourselves in this day and age.

Come to think of it, we humans are not much different than those birds. We like to nest, to have a place of comfort we can call our own, where we can settle in, sit back, relax and be at peace in that special spot that has conformed itself to our unique body shape and even adapted itself over the years to our body’s changes. That spot is special, as is the view from that spot and the familiar friends that surround it. Yes, by now you may have figured out that I am speaking of that reserved seat in Church we call our own; that one place that no one, even a visitor, dare try to occupy. If you have never sat somewhere else, give it a try. A different view may provide a fresh perspective on the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, along with a renewed vigor to our life of Faith. It may also be an opportunity to grow in Mercy by welcoming a stranger into the comfort of that special spot we have, for many years, called our own.

Deacon Richard

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