Book Review – Something Other Than God

By Deacon Bob Cropp

Most of you are aware that I read quite a bit.  I don’t think I’m unusual in that regard but it is unusual for me to read a book that I just couldn’t put down until I finished it.  Scott Hahn’s, “The Lamb’s Supper” was one such book and I have recommended to almost everyone that they should read it. I can’t think of any book since then that I have enjoyed so much.  Until now.  Jennifer Fulwiler’s, “Something Other Than God” was, as the cliché goes, ‘a real page turner.’ I picked it up on Wednesday morning with the intention to give it a quick skim and didn’t put it down until I went to bed that night.  Finished.  All 248 pages. Here is what Cardinal Dolan has to say, “A humorous, uplifting story about one woman’s journey from lifelong unbelief to faith and an intimate relationship with Jesus and his Church – “Something other than God” joins science, faith and reason in an engrossing drama.” Along the way Jennifer tells us about her real-life experiences that dispose of the best arguments atheism offers for the non-existence of God.  If you like books of theology, this is the book for you.  If you like good novels, this is the book for you. If you like literature leavened with humor, this is the book for you.

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