but you shall be called, “My Delight,” and your land, “Espoused.” 20Jan2019

Who can forget the joy of their wedding day, the realization of a dream fulfilled, the promise of hope and happiness forever and ever? This is the one who will complete my life and bring me happiness, my dream of a lifetime of joy fulfilled. True, no marriage is this perfect. We are human and have faults and these faults creep into our daily spousal relationships, attempting to spoil the good thing we have going, but that is not the focus for us today. To appreciate the words of Isaiah we need only recall that special day, filled with the anticipation of many possibilities and the promise of a life filled with perfect happiness. That is the tone of Isaiah’s prophecy for Jerusalem and her inhabitants, the fulfillment of the promise made to Abraham, re-iterated to Jacob, Moses and David and held in the hearts of all the Jews.

The miracle of the water turned to wine has more than one significance. It is the demonstration that God is in our midst and He can do what He promises. The wine is better than any other; a simple wedding is now made extraordinary. Love is poured out in quantities beyond measure. Hope is present in the flesh for the first time in ages. Faith is engendered in His followers.

Jerusalem can be a metaphor for the Church, espoused to the Lord as His bride and His delight as she brings many to know His promise of Eternal Life, though her members be flawed.

The wedding feast itself can be a metaphor for marriage. Just as Jesus takes something simple and makes it extraordinary, He can do the same for a man and a woman, both imperfect, who celebrate their hopes and vows in His presence.

Deacon Richard

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