Exultet (revised translation)

An english language recording of the Exultet, using the music from the new english translation of the Roman Missal.

Anointing of the Sick Q & A

Need a refresher on Anointing?  Newly ordained Deacon David Peverley has some tips and reminders for those that visit the […]

Overturning of California’s Prop. 8

California’s voter-approved ban on gay marriage (Proposition 8) was overturned yesterday by Chief U.S. District Judge Vaughn Walker. In his […]

The Dalmatic Solution

There are some Parishes and Deacons who may be asking questions regarding Dalmatics for Deacons.  We cannot afford to purchase new […]

New Roman Missal Workshop

       The New Roman Missal Workshop to be held at the Spirit of Christ Catholic Church has been opened up to […]

PPLD Virus

No doubt, you’ve heard of the man who was so humble he was given a medal. Alas, the medal was […]