Deacon Rich Boyd Eulogy for Dell

Eulogy for my beloved Dell

I would like to share a few thoughts with you about my beloved Dell.  She was born a coal miner’s daughter 76 years ago in Paonia Co.  When we were in high school merely 16 years old, she invited me to the annual Sadie Hawkins Dance and the rest is history.  We were married four years later while I was in the Army and when that was over, we moved here and she began a rather diverse working career.  She was very good at them all.  She made candy for Jolly Rancher.  She was a dispatcher for the Wheatridge Police Department.  She got her real estate broker’s license and did well until the housing market flattened.  She gave tours for the Coors brewery and she ended up as the Executive Assistant to the President of the Foundation of CSM where she retired.

Dell was very devout in her faith and active in this parish.  She served as a Sacristan, an Extra Ordinary Minister of Holy Communion and a Lector.  She organized and oversaw most of the funerals for several years.  She hungered for knowledge of her faith and even attended all four years of formation classes in the diaconate seminary with me and my brother classmates.

Dell was a very competitive person.  She was a scratch golfer and a natural skilled shooter with both a handgun and long gun, she out shot me on many occasions when I was a distinguished expert.  She loved to hike and bike and travel and we did just that, all over the country and she especially loved to walk on the sand of the Oregon Coast.

The first thing that people noticed about Dell was her infectious teethy grin.  For sure that is how she caught my attention all those years ago.  She never lost that, even in all the suffering that she experienced to that horrible genetic disease Ataxia, which prohibited her from having children, much to her chagrin.  Then not long after she retired in 2014, she began to lose her balance and her speech and over the next several years the disease would take leaps and then plateau for a while and then leap again and on and on.  She moved from a cane to a walker to a wheelchair to a hospital bed and in-home Hospice.  But she never lost that grin.  On the afternoon of June 14, Fr. Henri came to our home and anointed Dell with the Apostolic Blessing and early the next morning she went home to the Lord peacefully in her sleep.

Not only was she a beautiful loving mate, but my Dell only thought of others.  On her death bed, she made Deacon Phil promise to take care of me.  She was a care giver, a peace maker and a soother of souls.  She could talk to anyone and calm conflicts and bring peace and harmony to most situations.  She was truly loved by all because she truly cared and loved all.  And I was so blessed to be able walk with her and hold her hand and love her wholeheartedly for some 60 years.  I am truly happy that she is with Jesus and His mother, our Holy Mother Mary.  Her passing left a big hole in my heart, but please know that I cherish that hole because it has so many wonderful memories in it that I want to hang on to until it is my time to follow her home.  At days end as I wonder around in the emptiness, I sense her presence praying for all of us and it makes me happy.

As Dell would say, I love you all, be happy and at peace…

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