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Based on the records in the Diaconate Office, there are 288 deacons that have graced the Archdiocese since the first class was ordained in 1974.  Of the 288 Deacons, 139 are on active status while 47 Deacons are retired from active ministry for a total of 186 that are active or retired in the Archdiocese.  There are also 14 Deacons from the Archdiocese that are conducting their ministry as externs. 

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43 of our brother Deacons have passed away.  

162 Deacons currently take care of the 533,809 registered Catholics in the Archdiocese, either in an active retired status or in active ministry.  That means each deacon would need to take care of 3295 registered Catholics in order to minister to all Catholics in the Archdiocese. 

Of the 118 parishes in the Archdiocese, there is at least one deacon in 87 parishes.  So ¾ of all parishes have a Deacon or Deacons assigned. 

The average service hours per week are approximately 12 hours per deacon which adds up to 1944 hour per week or 101,088 service hours per year. 

87% of Deacons are married.  The remainder are celibate (5), widowers (9) or divorced (3). 

The youngest Deacon is 41 years old and the oldest active Deacon is 80.  The oldest deacon is currently 92 years old.  The median range of the Deacon population is 60-64 and the average age of the active Deacons is 62.  The average retired Deacon is 79 years old. 

The range of ordinations for active Deacons is 37 years for the most experienced with a new group of Deacons being ordained last year.  The average years of ministry for Deacons are 18 years.  The average years of ministry for active Deacons are 12 and the average years for retired deacons are 27 years.  Deacons that have passed away average 15 years of ministry. 

25 Deacon speak both Spanish and English while all speak some English.  18 Deacons have a basic or intermediate grasp on Spanish.  Three Deacons are fluent in Vietnamese.  Two Deacons are fluent in Polish, one Deacon is fluent in Japanese and Italian and one Deacon fluent in Tirgrenyia (African).  There are also Deacons that have some degree of proficiency in German, Italian, Russian, Flilipino and French.  Two Deacons can communicate using sign language.

31 Deacons are employed in a parish or in some other Catholic organization.  71 active Deacons are assigned outside of their parish of origin. 

17 active Deacons were ordained outside of the Archdiocese of Denver.  9 have been incardinated into the Archdiocese.  9 retired Deacons were ordained outside the Archdiocese with 4 being incardinated into Denver.


Total Deacons assigned to Archdiocese = 288

Deacons actively working in ministry 162

Active Deacons = 139

Retired Deacons = 47

Retired Deacons working in a parish = 23

Youngest Deacon = 41 years old

Oldest Deacon = 92 years old

Oldest Active Deacon = 80 years old

Median Age Range for Deacon = 60 to 64

Average Age of an Active Deacon = 62

Average Age of a Retired Deacon = 79

Average Years of Ministry = 18

Average Years of Ministry for an Active Deacon = 12

Average Years of Ministry for a Retired Deacon = 27

Average Years a deceased Deacon conducted ministry while alive = 15

Number of Deacons employed by Church = 31

Number of Deacons assigned outside of their parish of origin = 71

Number of active Deacons ordained outside of the Archdiocese = 17

Number of retired Deacons ordained outside of the Archdiocese = 9

Number of active married Deacons = 135

Number of single Deacons = 16

Number of Deacons ministering outside the Archdiocese = 14

Number of parishes that have at least one Deacon = 87

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