He went according to His custom… 27Jan2019

There have been many speculations concerning the life of Jesus at home in Nazareth, with Mary and Joseph, but it is mostly just that, speculation, and some of it borders on heresy. What we do know comes from the reaction of the people of Nazareth. They saw Him, and His parents, as normal, everyday neighbors. Like them, He regularly attended the synagogue, “according to His custom,” and observed the other Jewish rituals. In short, there was nothing that would set Him apart from the rest of the folks in Nazareth, until… He makes this statement: Today this scripture passage is fulfilled in your hearing.”

Jesus’ proclamation would cause them to be amazed, yes, but it would also cause confusion and animosity. Who is He and what does He mean in making this statement? We’ve known Him for many years and watched Him grow up. What can these words of His mean? Who is this man?

Expectations are part of our human condition. They can be good but they can also be the source of confusion, animosity and contempt. We think we know someone. We think we can observe their actions and look into their mind, reading their intentions and motivations, but we cannot. As we form these judgements of another we build up in ourselves a picture of the person whom we think we know very well, but we don’t. It is the same with God. Like the people of Nazareth, we form opinions and judgements of God based on what little we know.

Suppose God, in the person of Jesus Christ, were to come and visit with me alone. What would I ask Him? What would I share with Him? Would I babble on, wanting to tell Him all that was on my mind or would I just listen? If I had five minutes with Him, what would be uppermost in my mind? What would be the most important topic of discussion for us?

He IS available, anytime and all the time, for as long as I want. I need only invite Him in for a visit.

Deacon Richard

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