Helping Survivors of Any Sexual Abuse

This is not directed specifically to any clergy abuse; but, is an aid to those who have been sexually abused regardless of when it happened or who might have been the perpetrator.

R+I+S+E is an apostolate in the Archdiocese of Denver dedicated to affirming and promoting the inherent human dignity of survivors of sexual assault while advocating for their holistic healing through education, counseling partnerships, and training of church leadership and other professions. R+I+S+E provides assistance that Church leaders need to help a survivor know where to turn to after an assault while providing spiritual nourishment.

It is crucial that our parish communities offer a safe place for survivors of sexual assault to find the spiritual companionship needed to supplement the physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional support they need to work towards a holistic approach to healing.

Please visit or email to learn more about how you or your parish leadership can get trained to respond with love to those who confide in you that they have been sexually assaulted, how to promote the right resources, or to train your youth groups to have the tools to recognize, prevent, and heal from sexual assault.


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