His Mercy endures forever… 12Apr2015

It seems appropriate to recognize this line, which repeats itself three times in today’s psalm. It also seems appropriate to contemplate the depth and sublimity of its meaningful words.

Jesus’ resurrection creates confusion within the group of His followers as they try to understand what it all means. He appears to them, seemingly part ghost and part physical, and offers Mercy. He does not challenge them with braggadocio words like, “See, I told you I would rise! Now do you believe me?” His very presence challenges their faith and ours, but He assuages our weakness with His very first words of Mercy, “Peace be with you.” Then, when Thomas sees Him a week later He shows His Mercy again. Rather than force Thomas to do what he had claimed necessary for belief, Jesus accepts his kneeling profession and then, with the same Mercy, declares that we today are blessed, “who have not seen and have believed.”

He is alive! The apostles rejoice. They have Him back with them again but not the same as before. Jesus immediately commissions them; “As the Father has sent me, so I send you…” to extend His Mercy freely to all who desire it. If the apostles wondered what this commission meant then Jesus clarifies it for them the following week with the Mercy shown to the one who was absent and required proof of the Resurrection.

Faith is complicated. It moved the early believers to place their possessions in common for use by all as needed. It was lacking in Thomas by hearing but came alive with seeing. Paul tells us, “Everyone who believes… is begotten by God.” This is our rebirth in Baptism “…for whoever is begotten by God conquers the world. And the victory that conquers the world is our faith.”

He knows our weakness and is patient. He is forever ready to accept our Faith and shower us with His Mercy through the Sacraments. Living this truth leads us to better understand that, “His Mercy endures forever.”

Deacon Richard


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