“Is he not ___________?” 5Jul2015

Expectations can be burdensome. Many sports figures have carried the expectation of “savior” for a lackluster team only to be found vulnerable and human like the rest. I often wonder how long they would endure the frustrations of their fans if not for the incredible amount of money they are paid to perform in a role expected to be superhuman.

Jesus was not superhuman but fully human, joined with His divine nature as one person. It was not His “role” to act in a superhuman way so as to attract the adulation of all around Him. He attracted crowds because, in the same way that His humanity and divinity were joined in one person, His human deeds were joined with Divine Compassion. He entered into our humanity fully. He endured poverty and oppression like His fellow Jews. He worked with His hands to help support His family. He subjected Himself, as a son, to His mother and father, just as each of us is expected to do. He is one of us.

When we consider what it means to be Catholic in this day and age we should fully understand the admonition of Jesus as He reflects on the lives of the many Old Testament prophets:

“A prophet is not without honor except in his native place and among his own kin and in his own house.”

That goes for each and every Catholic who seriously wants to live, practice and model the teachings of Christ as professed by Holy Mother Church! In recent times, many prominent and well known persons who profess to be Catholic express ideas and political correctness that is not at all in conformity with the Faith and their remarks are accepted by the media and general population, but let someone profess the Truth of the Faith and, regardless of their position in life, the public, their associates, and even their families, will discredit their words and actions, questioning their integrity and faithfulness, in the same way Jesus was discredited: “Is he not ________?”

Deacon Richard

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