Leaving the catch of a lifetime… 7Feb2016

Divine Mercy image (3) (2)“I pursue sinners along all their paths, and My Heart rejoices when they return to Me. I forget the bitterness with which they fed My Heart and rejoice at their return.”

Words of Jesus to Faustina recounted in her Diary, par. 1728


Imagine winning the lottery. It was on everyone’s mind recently and there were probably some who never buy tickets who were lured to buy a handful, just this once, for the chance to win a lifetime of wealth and never have to work and never have to be concerned about want.

What thoughts flashed through Peter’s mind when he saw his nets full to bursting? It was the catch of a lifetime! We can only speculate what kind of wealth it represented but his response was not one of jubilation at the thought of a great payday, nor was there any desire to celebrate. No, his response was one of AWE. He recognized his own unworthiness in the presence of God and yet, at Jesus’ invitation, leaves the catch of a lifetime and follows Him.

There is a similar response in the words of Isaiah when he receives a heavenly vision. “Woe is me, I am doomed! For I am a man of unclean lips… yet my eyes have seen the King, the Lord of hosts!” When the angel of God burns his lips with the ember and purges his sin, then Isaiah is able to respond to the Lord’s call to be His prophet.

St. Paul is no different as he summarizes his own conversion from one who desired to destroy Christians to one who became the greatest missionary of the early Church. He humbly describes his unworthiness as the Apostle who was “born abnormally” into the Faith.

It is worth considering how we as individuals might respond in similar situations; how finding ourselves in the presence of God would change our lives… or would it?

Every time we walk into Church we are in His presence but do we recognize it? Jesus makes Himself present in the ordinary foods of bread and wine but His presence is anything but ordinary. It calls us to leave our material needs at the door and follow Him.

Deacon Richard


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