Life Issues Committee

Greetings Brothers,

I am going to try this again as I only received on reply last time.  I need a group of interested deacons to work with life issues.  This would be primarily for education and action against abortion and to help support post-abortive individuals.  However, it would also include issues of assisted suicide, bio-ethics, embryonic stems cell and euthanasia.

Please refer to the Right to Life Commitee forum if you can assist with life to life issues within the Archdiocese.  I am trying to gather names and set up a meeting in the near future. To navigate; go to Bulletin Board then Respect Life Committee, then click on the post “Need Leaders for Right to Life Issues”.  Hit the Post Reply and leave your name, interest and any comments you would like to include.

An update to current political legislation in the nation needs your action immediately.  Please review the link below and take action now.

Send this to everyone you know.

In Christ,

Deacon Joe

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