Living stones… (May 18, 2014)

In any building project there is a master builder or general contractor or head architect… someone who is in charge of the whole project from beginning to end, someone who knows the plan of the structure, someone who can visualize what it will look like and be when it is finished. The Church is God’s project. He is the Master Builder and Christ is the cornerstone but how does each one of us fit in? St. Paul says that we are to become “like living stones” so that we can be built up into a “spiritual house.” The one true “Living Stone” of which Paul says we are to become “like” is Christ but none of us is perfectly sized, shaped or finished to fit in place so as to form a perfect structure for God’s “spiritual house.” The difficulties, challenges and obstacles we experience in life are God’s tools for shaping us into “living stones;” they are the chisels of life that smooth the roughness and shape us, each individually, into the stone that God needs to fill a particular place in the structure that will become His Spiritual House.” The more we resist and the more we fight off these difficulties instead of trusting God… the harder we make it for Him to finish.

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