Love Always Wins

( A deluge of internet posts and newspaper statements have been distributed after the recent Supreme Court Decision with the words “Love Wins”.  This slogan “Love Wins” is indeed a correct statement.  Yet, the source seems to be contradictory in light of the activists that are making this charge.  With this in mind, it is worth an analysis of these words in light of the opposing messengers that make this claim.

From the perspective of the recent declaration, the statement “Love Wins” is often attached to messages of vitriol and hate directed primarily at Christians and, more specifically at the Catholic Church and Her Ministers.  These statements are not of love but more an attack on those who happen to disagree with the activists’ position.  Is this how “Love Wins”?

These same activists are quick to say that those who oppose their position are bigots and shouldn’t judge, using, oddly enough, a biblical reference from Jesus (Mt 7:1).  Yet, in this same argument are condemnations to those who feel the family and children ultimately suffer from these types of judicial decisions.  Yet, attached to their accusations is the slogan “Love Wins”.

Activist advocates using this slogan want others to accept their position without reason or logic and they are also quick to shut down any conversation that draws logical conclusions to the harmful nature of societal structures that had held this nation together for so long.  Is this how “Love Wins”?

Carrying signs with their new-found slogan, they shout insults, spit and yell, in at least one case, at Catholic Priests as they walk through the streets of major cities.  Many of these signs that are accompanied by the spitting and jeering have written on them in large letters, “Love Wins”.

Yet, as Catholics, we know that God is Love.  We also know that Love does win even as we are persecuted, heckled and, indeed put to death.  We know that Love sometimes requires great suffering and endurance in the showing of true Love to others.  That is what Jesus did for us when he suffered his passion and death.

As Our Lord was being mocked and spit upon, He displayed His Love for each of us; even as the cords from the soldier’s whip penetrated his flesh with each strike.  Yet, He recognized that each laceration was a sign of His Love for us and for the Father.  As He carried the Cross through the city of Jerusalem, his opponents mocked Him and jeered.  All the while, He stumbled forward to Calvary in His quest to save us from death.  Then, as He shed His Precious Blood upon the Cross, His adversaries danced and rejoiced, thinking they had won!  Yet, He forgave them.   Love does win.

As Deacons, we must take up our own crosses and be examples of the Love that conquered death.  We are not the prodigal son; but, the ones who wait for our brothers and sisters each day and pray for their return.  We are the ones, despite the slander and name calling, who pray each day for the salvation of those who are lost.  We are the ones who are called to welcome those who return home after persecuting and abandoning us, –not unlike St. Peter who embraced St. Paul who had persecuted his brothers and sisters in Christ. Thus, it is when one realizes he is persecuting Our Lord and comes back to the Church that we realize that God is Love and Love Always Wins.

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