Mary and the Fullness of Time… 01Jan2017

nativity-windowMany scripture scholars view salvation history and, more specifically, the history of God’s chosen people in the same way we might see an infant growing into adulthood—that mature moment, that fullness of time, when he or she is ready to leave the nest and begin a new life. Paul views the “old law” in a similar light. God, the loving Father, gave it to His chosen people as parental guidance for their growing-up years as they progressed from infancy, adolescence and, in the fullness of time, to adulthood. Now, with Baptism, we become infused with Grace—the Life, Wisdom, Conscience and Spirit of our Creator and Father—and the guidance we required as children and adolescents we now bear within our very being and we are made heirs to His Heavenly Kingdom, our true home. First, God must prepare His entry into the world.

This fullness of time is not just a matter of God waiting for mankind to grow up. No, He takes an active role by preparing His entry into the human scene with the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Mother. She is the beginning of the new creation. She is like Eve, created without stain or blemish, but with the added magnificence of being full of Grace—a gift from her Creator to make of her a worthy vessel to carry His Son.

On the first day of every new year, we honor Mary as the Mother of God. A miracle created by God to usher in the fullness of time by bearing God’s only Son as He enters our human condition. By her free will, she said, “Yes,” to God’s plan. She said, “Yes,” to His request for her cooperation. She said, “Yes,” to Christ at the wedding feast of Cana when He asked if she was ready to journey with Him toward the Cross and then she said, “Yes,” to His request to be our Mother, too.

Deacon Richard


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