Note from Africa

You might remember the prayer request we sent to the community last week regarding the severe drought that has been plaguing parts of Africa. Well, it looks like God has generously responded!  Read this note received from Deacon Hugh Downey this morning (Monday, March 30th:)

Hello Mary and Joe from Nyagribe . . . for my brothers who have joined us in prayer for rain in this part of Africa. 

You can STOP now – or at least minimize your prayers.  You know . . . too much of a good thing! 

On the eve of Palm Sunday, in the dark of night, the skies opened and brought a deluge of rain.  Almost four inches!  I can’t say that the crisis is over, but only rain could solve our dilemma.  Everyone here is excited – I have seen them dancing in the rain.  Though it will take weeks for grass to grow for the cattle, the process has started.  Thank you for your prayers – they have been answered! 

There is however, a downside.  I live in a grass hut – which leaked during the storm.  We have no car and do not live on a road.  In the rain I walked to the road waiting for a promised ride to church.  He was late, leaving me standing 45 minutes in the rain.  The road was washed out in two places and we arrived at the church in Nyandema after the procession had begun.  Mass was three hours today and counting travel time, standing in the rain, etc. the ordeal consumed 5 1/2 hours.  I am keenly aware of my age and suggest that this may be work for a younger deacon. 

Blessings from Nyagribe. 

deacon Hugh


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