A Novena for Families

As we are all aware, God’s plan for the happiness and flourishing of the human family is being seriously challenged these days.  The tragedies of divorce, cohabitation, gay unions, pornography, etc. are wreaking havoc on the spiritual and emotional well-being of men, women and children alike.  Tempting though it may be to abandon hope that things will ever change, our faith tells us otherwise. We are a people who “walk by faith, not by sight.”  I recently listened to a sermon on this subject by Fr. Robert Baron that really helped re-orient my attitude…which often tends toward a state of near-despair over the “way things are”.  ( click here to listen.)

The Deacon Marriage Committee has been diligently working on initiatives to strengthen families and engaged couples, some of which have already been implemented through the Office of Marriage and Family Life for use by various Archdiocesan programs.  But we know that even the most noble of human efforts will not succeed without God’s help.  This is where the NEED for PRAYER enters in.  First and foremost, we need to get down on our knees and humbly ask for God’s help and intervention. Miracles of grace have changed the course of history in the past, and miracles can happen again if we persevere in faith.

To that end, the Diaconate Office will be offering a Novena to the Holy Family that we hope every Deacon and his family members will pray – beginning January 1st and ending January 9th.  Each day during that time, a new intention concerning the family will be sent out via “Emma” for your reflection and prayer. Let us surround the walls of the secular perception of Marriage and cry out with a loud procession of praise so that, with cries to God, we can break down the walls and destroy all that is evil and misconceived about Marriage and Family Life.

Jesus, Mary and Joseph we beg your help in restoring the holiness and dignity of family life to our nation and to the world ~

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