Our citizenship is in heaven… 21Feb2016

Divine Mercy image (3) (2)“He is a priest after My own Heart; his efforts are pleasing to Me. Through him I spread comfort to suffering and careworn souls. Through him it pleased Me to proclaim the worship of My mercy… more souls will come close to Me.”

Words of Jesus to Faustina recounted in her Diary, par. 1256


The Sacrament of Reconciliation is truly one of spiritual and physical transformation. As the soul experiences the blissful presence of Christ, unhampered by sin and filled with the Grace of God’s life, the body desires to make the confessional like a “tent,” a refuge of peace where one can remain in that transfiguring presence of Christ. It’s a most awesome experience made available to us by the regular and kindly commitment of the priest to his vocation. Without these two profound persona Christi sacraments, Reconciliation and Holy Orders, all humanity would be relegated to lifelong wandering in the desert of sin and separation from God.

The juxtaposition of Lent and this Year of Mercy over the experience of the Transfiguration presents a unique opportunity to reflect on our ultimate destination.

Change is inevitable. It is integral to life from its first moments as a child totally dependent on its parents to the end years, again filled with dependency. In the interim, our bodies change, sometimes for the better sometimes for worse, and we continually experience changes through seasons, through status, through family and through life. We long for those comfort zones of life as we attempt to “build tents” here on earth to house those precious and heavenly moments of joy that, like our bodies, are subject to the passages of time – a movement that cannot be halted or reversed.

We could easily find reason for depression if we did not also realize, in the words of St. Augustine, that “we were made for Thee and our hearts are restless until they rest in Thee.” It also gives pause to reflect on St. Paul’s reminder that our Citizenship is in Heaven.

Deacon Richard


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