Perfect through suffering… 4Oct2015

It would be nice if we didn’t have to suffer. It would be wonderful if we could enjoy life completely without any of the physical, mental, or emotional torments that want to plague our lives. In the beginning our human parents had such a paradise but they wanted more and, in the process of “being like god,” they lost what they had, not just for themselves but for us too, who are descended from them. Our human condition is not perfect. Our lives our not perfect, even though we try to make them so.

When the Son of God took on our human form, Jesus became like us in all respects except sin. He was perfect. He did not have to die; He chose to die. He offered His human body as a sacrifice for all of our sins – ALL of our sins, each one of us, past, present and future. Through His suffering and death on the cross, as the perfect God-Man, He reconciles us to the Father, He atones for the original sin of Adam and Eve and frees us from slavery to sin.

What does it mean, then, that He was made “perfect through suffering?” Keep in mind that Jesus, like any of us humans, has a free will. Where Adam used his free will to “taste” the forbidden fruit, Jesus uses His free will to “taste” death. He chooses to be obedient to the Father. He chooses to die. It is precisely His suffering and death that leads to the resurrection and the glorification of His human form. It is His Glorified Body and Blood that we “taste” in the Holy Eucharist. It is this glorified state that becomes for us a precursor of our own immortality, our destiny for the Kingdom of God at the end of time when our bodies and souls are united, perfectly, for all eternity.

This was the mission of Christ. This is the promise to us from the Father as “brothers” of Christ. He, through whom all things were created, completes His mission and, in the process, all creation is made perfect. All creation is restored to its original design, but we cannot enjoy it till time ends and only after we repent of those times when we choose God’s Will over my own.

Deacon Richard


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