SB 175 Defeat

As most of you already know, SB 175 proposed to lift any restrictions that detered an innocent child from abortion.  This proposal was tabled and thus defeated yesterday evening (April 16, 2014) after a tremendous upsurge in grass roots protest. 

While this is a tremendous victory for the pro-life agenda, it is by know means a thing of the past.  We must continue to be vigilant in our role as the voice for those who have no voice and stand up to all actions that are against life. 

For all those Deacons who made phone calls to state representatives, contacted groups, encouraged others to be involved and participated in prayers and in the rally on the capitol premises, I extend the Archbishop’s appreciation and gratitude as well as my own. 

This bill was destined for passage and on its way towards implementation.  Had it not been for the miraculous intercession of the Holy Spirit and the leadership of our Archbishop Aquila, we would be facing a very tough battle relative to the protection of innocent life in the womb. 


In Thanksgiving on this Holy Thursday,


Deacon Joe Donohoe

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