… so that nothing will be wasted. 26Jul2015

“Generous to a fault,” is a phrase that could be classified as an oxymoron. On the one hand it is complimentary while at the same time being critical. Maybe it describes someone who is too generous for the sake of self-aggrandizement. Maybe it refers to someone whose generosity is misguided or even without compassion. Maybe it describes a person who fosters a hidden guilt over having “too much stuff.” Perhaps the phrase contains an underlying criticism about irresponsible giving – for the sake of my own feel-good needs without concern for the true needs of the receiver. Whatever the case, who would dare suggest that God’s abundant generosity might be “to a fault?”

On the contrary, the generosity of God is a demonstration of His Glory and, like everything else associated with God, it is an immense manifestation of His very being, which is beyond our human comprehension. One thing is certain, He cannot contain Himself within Himself alone. The nature of His being exudes a generosity as a sharing of His love for the creatures He created: you and me. As we attempt to contemplate this reality it would be worthwhile to focus on the words of Jesus as He tells His followers to pick up what is left over from their miraculous feast “so that nothing will be wasted.”

God’s generosity is not only corporate, it is individual as well. He pours Himself out to the whole world but He is also most generous to each of us as individuals in the strengths, the talents, the intelligence, and the gifts He gives to each person. The key to our personal giftedness includes a responsibility to be “generous to a fault,” not in a contradictory way but in a way that exhibits the author and source of all giftedness. Nothing is meant for us to keep to ourselves. Like the material goods of this world, they are transitory and useful only in this life so that we may share with everyone around us the goodness of God in a way that “nothing is wasted.”

Deacon Richard


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