Survey to oppose Physician Assisted Suicide

By Deacon Alan Rastrelli, M.D.

“The doctor-patient relationship will be greatly harmed by breaking down trust, creating uncertainty of physician’s or family’s or health insurer’s motivation behind their support for a patient ending their life…”

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It has been shown in reviewing Oregon’s PAS (Physician Assisted Suicide) history, that there are no safeguards against abuse once the deadly prescription is filled. No data on what goes on “behind closed doors” when the patient actually takes the deadly doses of medication that is being used in a way not intended for its beneficial medicinal purpose.

There is a deceit in the way it is proposed with language that betrays the true intent of the law. There is no need to legislate a “right” that has never been denied in the past–you can never deny a human being death, though we would love to live indefinitely. Whenever I write a prescription for pain relief medications, the patient can choose to take the entire amount at once which would end their life. A doctor requires no skill to write an overdose. And I ask—if a physician feels he doing something so compassionate in “caring for his patient”, then why does he not attend to observe the end result of his “therapy” of overdosing his patient to death. Look at the stats from the Oregon health system and you will see that there is data on the timing and circumstances around the fatal ingestion in less than 20% of the cases. The rest is unknown—so by the time the patient takes (or is given) the fatal dose of drugs, we do not know if there remained the “voluntariness” of the patient. No idea if a family member or other actually had to prepare and administer the deadly concoction. NO SAFEGUARDS.

Why does Colorado have to continue to follow states such as Oregon, Washington, and California in passing laws that only harm our reputation and heritage as an independent thinking state? Why can’t we look closely at the failure of the exact same law (now even less safeguards than Oregon) and listen to the misguided and misinformed Compassion and choices organization that is bent on suicide and euthanasia becoming so commonplace as it is in the Netherlands and Belgium. They have a better use of $19 million dollars than lobbying—why not spend it on supporting end of life care that actually cares for a live patient through the natural end of their life. To allow a true display of a person’s worth and dignity by taking care of their physical and existential suffering.

This law, and any like it is a danger to society, to medicine, and our country. Please do not allow it to even pass committee, giving even a shred of credibility to it.

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God Bless You Alan   Deacon Alan Rastrelli, M.D. St Francis of Assisi Supportive Care, LLC Medical Director–Divine Mercy Supportive Care

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