The Dalmatic Solution


There are some Parishes and Deacons who may be asking questions regarding Dalmatics for Deacons.

 We cannot afford to purchase new vestments for our Priest and Deacon, so that they can both coordinate each other throughout the liturgical year.  What other alternate solutions are available to solve this question?


Presentation of our Lady Parish would like to share a way to solve this question.

The Denver Fabric Company has a referral list of seamstress’ throughout the metro area that specialize in garment making. Using their list we contacted a seamstress who looked at the ordination dalmatic most Deacons have and agreed to take on the task. We took the dalmatic to Denver Fabrics in Englewood and the saleswoman determined that it would take 3 + ¼ yards of fabric for one dalmatic and deacon stole. In addition to 25 inches of gold braided collar cord and 20 inches of gold fringe for the deacon stole.

Rather then taking the Priest chasuble to match the color and fabric we took the Priest stole to match the color and fabric. It is easier since the stole has the same color and fabric. Using the white, green, red, purple, and rose colored stoles we were able to match the fabric and color.

The seamstress used my ordination dalmatic as a prototype and made a white, green, red, purple, and rose dalmatic along with a matching stole for each liturgical color.

The entire cost of the materials amounted to $ 95.00. The cost for the seamstress labor was $ 410.00. The total cost of making five dalmatics and matching stoles was    $ 505.00.

If you were to purchase five plain dalmatics and matching stoles here locally or by mail catalog the cost would most likely be around $ 1200.00 or more.

We saved our parish over $ 700.00.

We must mention that the quality of the work the seamstress did was exceptional and the dalmatics and stoles were completed in twelve days.


If you would like more information, feel free to call Deacon Geno Torrez at 720-435-8667

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