The unfolding spiral of life (cont.) 24May2015

Pentecost is a remarkable story – a Divine Masterpiece. It shows how God, at times, steps out of His quiet, whispering demeanor to work in grandiose and ostentatious fashion. On the other hand, maybe He works that way often and we just don’t notice. The Holy Mass, for example, is no small affair.

Imagine the Apostles bursting out of the upper room, where they have been hiding for nine days, and encountering thousands of Jews and converts to Judaism from all over the world. Besides the locals from Judea there were people from Rome, the island of Crete, Egypt and the Arabian peninsula. St. Luke lists other peoples less familiar to us, descendants of ancient empires that overlapped each other on the continent of Asia. It seems that the Holy Spirit wanted to jump-start the mission of the Apostles to the ends of the earth so, to appreciate God’s magnificence, let’s look more closely at the other areas.

Mesopotamia – the area of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, from north-eastern Syria southeast through Iraq and Kuwait.

Parthian Empire – modern day Iran, including central-eastern Turkey, north-eastern Syria, eastern Iraq and Kuwait.

Median Empire – modern day Iran extending east into Pakistan, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.

Elam – a small area of southern Iraq and southeastern Iran along the northern coast of the Persian Gulf.

Cappadocia – the central Anatolia region of central Turkey.

Phrygia – west central Anatolia region of central Turkey.

Pontus – north eastern Anatolia region of central Turkey on the southern shore of the Black Sea and just west of Georgia.

Pamphylia – small region on southern coast of Turkey, north of Cyprus and between the regions of Lycia and Cilicia.

Cyrene – small Greek city on northeastern tip of Libya, south and across the Mediterranean Sea from Greece.

Wow! 3,000 Baptized from the ends of the earth.

Deacon Richard


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