There was a great calm… 21Jun2015

We have to have spent time living near the sea to have a true and great appreciation for its power. It’s amazing what the slightest wind can do to the sea, making the ride in a boat or ship a bit on the terrifying side. We can “enjoy” the thrilling experience of an afternoon ride down a river in a raft or kayak, maneuvering through the rapids or dropping down falls but, dangerous as it can be, it is nothing compared to being in a boat tossed among the waves created by the winds over the sea.

We have a certain amount of control in the raft or kayak. We know where we are going and what’s ahead. We have guides who have done this many times and are experienced at handling the twists and turns and drops of the river but, when you’re in a small boat on a rough sea, being passed from one crest to the next, there is little excitement and a lot of fear. You don’t know where you are going or when it will end.

That sounds a bit like life, in two ways: virtual and real. The virtual world, which we make up using real aspects of life, has always been present but today is even more prevalent due to our vast achievements in technology. Video games allow us to enter a world of death and destruction without any real pain or threat to life. Social media allows us to create a virtual persona according to our own dreams or desires. In the virtual world that we create, we are in control. God is not needed.

Real life is not so predictable; nor is it within our complete control. Yes, there are many aspects of life we can control but there are many more we cannot. Anyone who has dealt with the surprise of cancer – still a very much unknown killer – can tell you how their perspective of life has changed. To enter the real world completely and deeply requires trust in God. We can try to maintain a certain amount of virtual reality but the ups and downs of real life require trust in God. Only he can bring a great inner calm among the storms of life.

Deacon Richard


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