They offered Him gifts… then departed for their country by another way. 06Jan2019

The word, Epiphany, refers to the manifestation of a divine being, in this case, Christ’s newborn presence but to the modern world the word, epiphany, can refer to a discovery, revelation or illuminating insight that changes a person’s life or their grasp of reality. If you’ve heard someone say, “I had an epiphany,” that is what they mean. Let’s look more closely at the Magi’s epiphany.

They were star gazers, wise men, kings from the East who constantly read the starlit skies. Their astrological observations led them to believe that a new king was coming into the world. He would not be an ordinary king but would be of divine origin. They may not have understood it but their illuminating insight (a gift from God?) changed their grasp of reality and set them off on their journey to greet this newborn king of divine origin.

It would be fascinating to set them down before a TV camera and interview them. For what were they searching in the skies? What were the movements in their hearts when they made this discovery? What moved them to drop everything and make the long journey to meet this new King and give Him precious gifts?

There are still people who search for such a king. They search in many different ways but they search. For them, we who know the King of kings and who have been Graced by His life and constant presence can be the points of light in their darkness, the stars in their skies for we are like the Magi who, after prostrating themselves and doing Him homage, opened their treasuries but left with a gift more precious than the ones they had given, by another way—their lives having been changed forever.

Deacon Richard

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