“Thus it is written…” 02Jun2019

We are so blessed to have the Word of God given to us through the Wisdom of Divine Revelation. The prophets foretold everything about The Christ, Jesus, and how He must suffer. They gave the world glimpses into the Kingdom of God. Through their divinely inspired words they constantly called the Chosen People back to God.

The psalmists, again by divine inspiration, gave words to our natural desire to praise, worship, petition and thank God. These words are given to us by God to help us express to Him the deepest desires of our hearts.

The evangelists, too, were inspired and assisted by God to write down what they saw and heard so that each of us could know the story of The Christ and benefit from His teaching, His actions, His life, death and resurrection. Without the written words of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John we would have only verbal stories, passed down through the centuries and subject to dilution and modification.

The letters of St. Paul contain more Theology than the writings of any other one author in the Bible. Only through conjecture can we begin to imagine the depth of his enlightenment when blinded by that same light on the Road to Damascus. He was touched both in mind and heart by God in a way like no other and, with humility of heart, shared with us all that he could put into words.

There is a reason why the Bible is the most popular book in the world. Nothing soothes or enlivens us like those priceless words from above.

Deacon Richard

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