Welcome to the Archdiocese of Denver website for Deacons

newwebsiteInside this website you will discover, important stories that are pertinent to your ministry today. 

In addition, you will be able to get important questions answered about liturgy, canon law, support organizations and many other real time references that are needed in your day to day life. 

Also on the “Social Network” page, you will be able to find out regional information and important dates.  You will also discover places where you can contact your brother deacon and even instant message those that are on line.  On the “events calendar” page, you will also have available to you an events calendar that lists important events that will help you schedule your time.  This includes general events related to your vocation and events that can help you fulfill your CDF obligations.  There are many more features that are included here.  It is important that you subscribe to the website so that you can get prayer request and other important notices without being inundated with emails every hour.

Take a look around the website, ask questions and don’t forget to thank Deacon Bob Gregorius for the tremendous work he has done to get this operational.  If you have some background in web development or would just like to take on an area of expertise, contact Bob.  He could use your help.  God Bless each of you and thanks for all you do for the Archdiocese and for the people of God.

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