What’s in your wallet !?! 19Nov2017

We’ve all seen or heard the commercials promoting one bank or one card over the others and we would be remiss to admit that we don’t find ourselves spending a fair amount of time thinking about our financial state. As newlyweds we begin to build a life together. When children come we are constantly aware of their health requirements and their need for schooling as they grow up, while never forgetting the need to save money for college. Saving for retirement is an ever-present demand that seems to be with us all our lives. Even after reaching that point in our elder years we have to be vigilant about monitoring investments, making sure we are receiving the best return possible. In short, our financial “health” is a daily, weekly, monthly, annual pursuit that is always with us, and don’t be fooled by the lure of winning the lottery and having all your financial worries obliviated. The reality of life in this arena is that the more we have the more attention and time we give it.

Yes, this is a reality check that relates to today’s Gospel about the steward’s investments…

…but with a Big Twist.

Sorry, but it was necessary to conjure up all those thoughts about money and investments in order to better appreciate an important aspect in today’s Gospel and see how it relates to us. I speak of the simple and obvious, but easily ignored, fact that the money the servants invested…

…was Not Theirs!

This is a parable of the Kingdom for all ages and for us. It is a parable about all the gifts God has given me—according to my abilities—and how I manage and use them so that I can return them to God, WITH INTEREST! They are not mine to keep. They are on loan from God. I am the steward of these gifts, not their owner, and the interest that God expects when it is time to return them to Him are the fruits of my labor in building up His Kingdom on earth.

Death is an unmistakable line of demarcation between our present life on earth and our future life to come, but God’s Kingdom transcends death. Jesus is always telling us that He wants His earthly Kingdom to grow so as to include more people who will inherit His heavenly Kingdom and live joyfully with Him forever. Our vocation in life is to give as much attention, if not more, to our Heavenly investments as we do to our earthly ones!

Deacon Richard


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