Why have you abandoned me…? 09Apr2017

I know what it’s like to feel abandoned… and so do you. We have all felt it at some time in our life. A friend, a relative, a co-worker, even a fellow Catholic walks away from a relationship for various and unexplained reasons. It is part of our human weakness, our imperfect fallen nature. We want so badly to feel loved, to feel joy and companionship but it is nowhere to be found.

Jesus would feel that same abandonment. Those who laid palms at the feet of the donkey that carried Him into Jerusalem would, less than a week later, be shouting for His crucifixion. Stirred up by those in leadership roles—those who used their influence to shape and move the crowd according to their own agenda—the  very people who welcomed Him triumphantly into the Holy City would line the streets of the Via Delarosa as Jesus carried their sins, my sins, your sins, everyone’s sins for all time, on His shoulders to the mount of Calvary and win for us—and them—the redemption of Eternal Life.

Yes, He felt abandonment but not the same type we experience. It wasn’t the rejection of the people, their leaders or even some of His followers that made Him cry out, “Why have you abandoned me?!” His cry wasn’t addressed to them. It was addressed to God!

What Jesus must have felt at that moment is beyond any form of rejection or abandonment any of us could ever possibly imagine! Here was the Only Begotten Son—who never left the bosom of the Father—experiencing the total separation of all of mankind’s sin for all time! This was pain beyond our imagination.

What must it be like to enjoy the most intimate and loving eternal union while at the same time feeling total separation from that Divine relationship? He was not crying out for Himself. He was crying out for us. The GodMan—a Divine nature and a human nature united in one person—felt, as a man, what we ourselves cannot feel because we cannot know what He knows as God. The abandonment He felt at that moment had to be more painful then the nails and the thorns.

Deacon Richard


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