Yet, we are always courageous… 17Jun2018

Giving thanks is something we can never do too much, especially when it comes to giving thanks to Our Father in Heaven from whom ALL good things come. We don’t have to look too closely at today’s readings to see the infinite, loving goodness of our God.

In the first reading from Ezekiel, God promises to take a tender shoot and plant it on a lofty mountain… It shall become a majestic cedar. He never gives up on His people. Despite our constant wandering away, He is relentless in His Goodness and in raising us up to a higher level, to the Imago Dei in which we were originally created. We cannot enter His mind to know the intentions or expectations concerning the majestic cedar but could it be the Church, bearing much fruit and providing spiritual sustenance for all who take refuge in its boughs?

The Gospel about the seed sower calls to mind a song from a play, The Fantasticks, in which two fathers compare raising children to growing vegetables. There is a line in which they lament, “But with children it’s bewilderin’; you don’t know until the seed is nearly grown just what you’ve sown.” Does Our Father feel the same way sometimes? Yes, He knows all, but do we disappoint Him when we ignore His gifts, His guidance and His desires, failing to make use of the Church’s nourishment to become the person He would like us to be? Today’s Psalm response declares, Lord, it is good to give thanks to you, but how can we give thanks if we don’t recognize all of His gifts to us?

Twice in today’s second reading, St. Paul proclaims that we are courageous. In a way, it does take courage to live with gratitude to Our Father. The secular world wants us to claim everything as our own but, in truth, we have nothing which does not come from God’s generous Love.

Deacon Richard


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